A-S Select Inpatriate Healthcare Plan

Enjoy your stay in Catalonia, while we protect your health.

Have you thought of coming to live in Catalonia?

The Inpatriate Healthcare Plan from Mútua General de Catalunya ensures extensive health cover and is designed for people coming to live in Catalonia for a short period of time.



General and paediatric medicine available in the doctor’s office or at home.

Nursing service available in the doctor’s office or at home.

Medical, obstetric, surgical and ICU hospitalisation.

Surgical procedures (surgeon and assistants’ fees, anaesthesia costs and other operating theatre expenses).

Radiological examinations, analyses, nuclear medicine and any other complementary examination.

Outpatient treatments:

  • Speech therapy and phoniatrics.
  • Antineoplastic chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • Functional rehabilitation.

Medical, paediatric and psychological teleconsultation.


Basic dentistry.

Repatriation in case of death or serious illness.

How it works


Healthcare is provided in the centres and by the professionals included in the List of Health Providers, which is available on the company’s website.


The insured person must be identified with the A-S Select Inpatriate Healthcare card and a personal identity document.


The insured person may choose from the professionals on the Health Providers List and freely access their services, for every benefit that doesn’t require previous authorization


Diagnostic tests, hospital care and special treatments must be prescribed by the physicians on the List of Health Providers.


When authorisation is required, it must be requested from the company, together with a certificate from an authorised physician.


In case of emergency the insured must contact the specific centres provided by the company.

24h emergency

MGC has a 24h emergency telephone service, although it can only offer English speaking operators within working hours.

PRICE: 1.236,61 €
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Underwriting conditions

The insured person must complete the registration form, make the annual health insurance payment and complete a telephone questionnaire.

The insured must be under 54 years of age.

The insurance becomes effective on the 1st of the month following the request.

The insurance certificate will be issued once the premium is collected.

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About us

We are a health insurance specialist.

Located in Barcelona, we are one of the leading health insurance companies in Catalonia.

As a non-profit insurance company, we reinvest our profits in expanding and improving our services and cover to provide our customers with the best insurance products.

Several professional orders and associations, enterprises and collectives have established partnership agreements with us to ensure the best products and conditions for their members.

Mútua General de Catalunya has 22 offices and mainly operates in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. It has a network of healthcare providers in Spain.